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Stretcher size lifts to be made mandatory for all buildings.

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Let me explain you the problem by sharing a true incident that was experienced by myself in the year 2014. On 13th march of the mentioned year, my father passed away due to an illness  which had made him restricted to bed for 15 years. During this 1 and a half decade we had to rush him to the hospital multiple times because of the medical emergencies occurred by various health reasons. And it is because of the same reason; every time when there was a delay in receiving medical attention, my father suffered a permanent damage to his body, resulting into his sad demise.  

I live in a 10-storied building on the 6th floor. We have two lifts, both of the same size 4x4ft. Now this is where the problem begins. Whenever I called an ambulance at the time of medical situation for my father, it used to promptly provide its emergency services without much delay. But, each time the lift in which my father was required to be taken, it made us realize how helpless one can be even when surrounded by all the basic amenities of life. Understanding through a common logic the length of a stretcher is nothing less than 6ft, which can easily fit in an ambulance or hospital lifts, unfortunately its not the same with most of the buildings which are used for commercial or residential purposes, there  stretcher compatible  lifts are not constructed. Every time I was compelled to wait for the people that too in big numbers, to help me carry my father in a bed sheet through stairs, as his body was too heavy to be lifted by 3 or 4 people.  Also, when a person is in an unconscious state it becomes all the more difficult to carry. 

Imagine a patient who requires immediate medical assistance on the 10th floor and  needs to be rushed to the hospital. How good the medical services may be but, after reaching the hospital it is of no use when there is a delay in receiving it.  Because of negligence from authorities and builders towards the grave situation, this issue has never been taken up seriously.  

Today, many of you will not understand the gravity of this issue, but trust me, I speak from my personal experience to all those who reside in high-rise( buildings which have more than two floors) , the problem is nothing less than a trauma. And each one of you will have to face this one-day. Be it medical emergency or to take the dead body downstairs, the turmoil that one goes through is un-imaginable. I pray when that day comes the authorities would have already taken cognizant of the situation making necessary changes that lessens the pain of the ailing person or the family of the deceased.

I request you to raise the issue by supporting the cause and make your voices heard to the decision makers, so that a bill is passed through a judicial manner where any new or old construction should compulsorily have a solution for the people who work or reside inside that building. In the time of emergency atleast one such machine for elevation, which is the size of a stretcher should be available.  

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