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FACE BOOK: Shut down the pages titled "Kill The Wolves" & " Wolf Butchering, Cooking and Recipe "

This type of behavior is being promoted by Face Book by allowing it to remain on their website. The cruel and graphic pictures are used by "Kill The Wolves" &" Wolf Butchering,Cooking and Receipes" This is for their pure enjoyment, it has nothing to do with Wolf management as these so called human being are not Fish & Game nor are they affiliated with any State or Federal management agency. Face Book is allowing these pictures of the dead wolves to be posted while these people boast of their killing, butchering and cooking.. These pages have been reported and Face Book says it fits it standards! I also noticed while I was on these pages that unfortunately I have to monitor, that they are enlisting their childern to join in on the torturing and killing of these animals, as sickening as this is and hard to wrap around anyone's brain the adults are bad enough without teaching childern this type of sadistic behavior! Join me now and together we will take these sites down.

Thank you


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President of the United States President Obama
Shut down the page titled "Kill The Wolves" & Wolf Butchering, Cooking and Recipes.
They have added and or changed their pages to " Kill the Wolves" & "Smoke a pack a day"