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FJ Productions: Replace Tai the elephant with a CG elephant!

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There is no place for animal cruelty in entertainment – and I’m asking for your help to try and stop it.

Today we have the technology to replace live animals in film productions, so there is no excuse for using live elephants or other wild animals, who are cruelly trained to perform.

Yet a film currently in production, Saving Flora, is using an elephant. To make matters worse, the company is using Tai – an elephant who was stolen from her family in the wild as a baby and trained to perform, including in circuses – to tell the story of an elephant who is escaping a circus!

Sign this petition urging FJ Productions to replace Tai with a computer-generated elephant in the filming of Saving Flora!

Have Trunk Will Travel, the California-based company that owns Tai, was caught on camera during a training session in which handlers forcefully struck and hooked elephants with a bullhook – a weapon resembling a fireplace poker that is designed to inflict pain and punishment. Tai’s owners have publicly defended using bullhooks on elephants.

I am one of the people who signed an open letter to FJ Productions, joining the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), national animal protection organizations, elephant sanctuaries, and other entertainment industry professionals in condemning the use of Tai for this film.

Sign this petition to join me in urging FJ Productions to reconsider the use of Tai and instead utilize a computer-generated elephant to tell their story.

Thank you!

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