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To change the guidelines and start pointing on the offence of Death By Dangerous Driving

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My 15 year old son was killed in the car accident on Stonegate Road .. Him and 4 other friends brothers aged 12,14 and two adults lost their lives. The driver aged 15 years was sentenced to 4 years and 6 months .. I am appealing he's sentence because its too lienient,3 children have lost their lives and he's serving less than 6 months per life!! I'm hoping to change the guidelines and the sentencing of people who cause death by dangerous driving especially multiple deaths. The sentence guidelines state that a separate sentence for this offence is handed to children due to their age ... I don't see that age should be a factor when it comes causing someone elses death!! Should be dealt with like a murderer!! I feel like he's killed my son and he's friends and got away with it .... I think anybody no matter their age who is responsible for a child's death under the age of 18 should serve at least 12 months per year of the child's life.  Sentences are far too lienient. Young perpetrators should not get a lienient sentence because of their age ... How do they expect a person who's responsible for 5 peoples deaths,3 been children to be integrated back into society after 2 years because all he will serve half he's sentence!!!! He should be punished appropriately and dealt with the way an adult should because age doesn't matter when it comes to murdering someone else's child!! Our families have our own life sentence,having to live with the loss of our precious babies ���He hasn't got a life sentence .. Fair enough he might be sad at the fact he's killed 5 people now but in a couple of years my son and he's friends will be a distance memory to him .... Nothings compares to the sadness and the pain we will carry with us forever � The sentence guidelines need to be changed,the sentences need to be stricter ... How many more kids are we going to lose before this happens!! He should have been made an example out of to show other kids pinching cars and causing deaths is a very serious offence and will not be tolerated. Instead its shown them that its fine to do this because you'll only serve a couple of years in prison (if thats what they want to call it) anyway .... While hes in this said 'prison' he won't be punished he will be helped,he gets to do baking,gets fed a take away on a Thursday night if he's been good all week and I don't believe he's got the mind of a 10 year old!! He's getting rewarded for a very serious offence and for causing the deaths of 5 people ... He's been basically handed a car theft and dangerous driving sentence .... Our kids haven't been given a second thought!!! The person responsible lied to the police repeatedly,ran from the scene and left my boy and hes friends dying on the road. The justice system as took none of this into consideration and i feel it shows a great lack of disrespect to my son and he's friends and I think its an insult to their lives!! Please sign and share my petition and help me to do something to change this law ... Thankyou from Shelly (Darnell Harte's mummy) 

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