Require Airlines to Disinfect the Plane!

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We are infection preventionists, we specialize in preventing infections.

During the Ebola crisis of 2014, it came to our attention that airlines are not required to disinfect nor are they bound by any sanitation standards. According to a 2015 US Government Accountability Office report, current airline protocols lack any risk prevention measures, and the air travel industry lacks a preparedness plan in the likely event of an outbreak. This is true for all airlines worldwide. The Ebola outbreak demonstrated the direct role commercial airlines play in the global spread of disease.

How you can help: Sign our petition supporting legislation that would require airlines to disinfect at least once a day!


  1. You are never more vulnerable to germs than when you take your seat on a plane.  
  2. When you or your child gets sick during or after travel,  then your vacation is ruined or your business is disrupted.
  3. Because bacteria and viruses linger on airplane surfaces, when your neighbors and co-workers travel, the germs they bring home can wind up at your school, work or community.


By my signature below, I agree with the statement: Commercial aircraft should have commonly touched interior surfaces disinfected a minimum of once per 24 hours with a minimum 99% kill rate.