A fair and Equitable FAA N-number reservation system

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The Problem:

Currently the FAA’s N-number reservation system has created a near monopoly on “custom” or desirable Aircraft registration N-numbers. This has lead to a price increase for “buying” an N-number of thousands of dollars. Organizations and individuals with deep pockets don't mind but general aviation pilots are being squeezed out by an unfair system unintentionally created by current FAA rules..


The solution:

Create an N-number reservation system that is similar to the system the FCC already uses to allocate “custom” Call signs.

Suggested wording for our representatives to use is included below but is just the tip of the iceberg. Please ad suggestions in your comments section.

The congress established the the FCC vanity call sign system with the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 due to a major concern of the amateur service community that the vanity call sign system be fair and equitable. 

The FCC amended the rules for the vanity call sign system in order to promote processes that are MORE EQUITABLE and administratively efficient.

It also limited how many call signs a club can hold.

During the rule making commentators to the FCC were concerned with the and wanted to limit "trafficking in licenses" 

Therefore precedent set for by the congress and the FCC, Congress is directing the FAA to create a fair and equitable N number assignment system where:

Individuals have a fair and equitable process of obtaining an N-number.

Multiple requests for the same unassigned N-number are auctioned off by the FAA 

and or

via lottery.

The FAA will limit the quantity of N-numbers that an organization, legal entity, or individual can reserve to a reasonable amount.

Organizations that are actively involved as FAA licensed operators of aircraft must show:

(A) proof of purchase of an air-frame and

(B) signed letter of intent to purchase an air-frame or quantity of air-frames and 

(C) air-frames actively being used

(D) plus excess reserved n-numbers, maximum of 3 (Three) N-numbers not associated with A,B,or C above.

Maximum N-numbers obtainable by any organization, entity, or individual therefore is limited to A+B+C+D as shown above.

Private individual or legal entity may only reserve 3 N-numbers at a time that are not specifically associated with a registered air-frame.

The FAA will introduce rules to limit "wholesale" marketing of N-numbers by organizations, legal entities, or individuals. 

N-numbers must first be assigned to an airworthy aircraft before an individual or organization can sell that N-number on the open market. 

To facilitate fair time for individuals to renew or research new available N-numbers. N-numbers that are reserved and not renewed shall not be available to be assigned by the FAA for a period of 6 months after they are abandoned, turned in, or failure to renew reservation.

Aircraft manufactures might have needs that differ from the above, therefore, the FAA, in coordination with Aircraft Manufacturers , EAA, AOPA, and other stakeholders will establish an N-number reservation system that is fair and equitable for all parties.