Support UK Youth Football Teams by Attending FA Community Shield Match

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The problem is that many UK football clubs and teams are underfunded due to their difficult socioeconomic conditions.

This matters because sports are important in many ways, from health to science, education, recreation, culture, business, entertainment and even politics.

This matters because it would help improve the quality of life of the least privileged children in the UK, for whom football can be an incredibly meaningful gift and a wonderful way for them to learn and grow into the great people they have the right to become.

This problem of underfunded UK Youth Football clubs and teams can be easily solved by having the participating teams and stadium owners of the FA Community Shield football matches donate a portion of their ticket sales proceeds to worthy UK Youth Football clubs and teams.

Yes, we realize they already give away monies to over a hundred and twenty organizations. We are calling on them to simply increase their giving by a very modest amount, comparable with the simple minor annual inflationary increases in ticket prices. 

The recipient clubs and teams would be selected by a blue ribbon panel of football professionals who have well-established credentials in socially-responsible projects and charitable causes.

The actionable thing you can do to contribute to this effort is to simply buy a ticket to the game and enjoy attending as you would do at any other football game.

You can choose from a number of certified ticket agencies to buy tickets to FA Community Shields.
Full Disclosure: Personally, I buy football tickets online through Football Ticket Net, because of the excellent service and high quality seats I have received from them many times already, but you really can buy your tickets anywhere that you want as long as it's a trusted ticket agency licensed to sell FA Community Shields match tickets.

Even if you just sign this petition and only buy a low-budget ticket to the match, you're doing your part to improve the quality of life of children in the UK.

This petition's organizer will ask the match organizers (the FA) to look at the totality of tickets bought for the event, and all of the other revenues they make from the match, as well as the number of people who signed this petition, and to consider making a charitable donation in kind specifically to the select UK Youth Football teams and clubs.

While the FA already donates to a wide number of groups through this annual event, we believe a portion should be guaranteed to the children who are the future of the very sport itself!

Personal story
I am just a regular football fan. I never had the opportunity to play in any well-funded club when I was a kid, and while the challenges were sometimes hard, we didn't complain and maybe it made us tougher in some ways. And I also saw the incredibly positive impact it had on my friends who were fortunate enough to be in clubs that had all the resources they really needed. Those positive experiences are the kind I wish for all kids. Children deserve a great and happy childhood. It's up to us as adults to help make that happen!

I love UK football and despite its shortcomings and problems, I see it as one of the best nations for setting a good example of the football culture for the world.

I am also socially-conscious, and I'm also realistic and realize that the FA can and will do things that serve its good values and interests as an organization. And I see an opportunity to do a very good thing here, very easily, for the children.

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