Requesting full disclosure of all side effects caused by the paragard and mirena iud

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This petition is directed to the  food and drug administration

It is a small seed of hope to unite every woman's voice globally and raise awareness to the rising number of women suffering serious complications arising from adverse reactions and side effects to the copper paragard and mirena iud.

Having experienced the below mentioned side effects

A constant inflammatory response throughout the body from the insertion of a foreign object.

unplanned pregnancy,

Hair loss,



Excessive weight gain,

recurring Bacterial Vaginosis infections,

Shortness of breath,( in some cases difficulty swallowing) 

Extreme fatigue,

digestive issues,

Brain fog,


Flu like symptoms,

severe dizziness,

Allergies and intolerances,


choking and anaphylaxis


Extreme pms,

Suicidal thoughts,


Extreme and debilitating anxiety ,

Extreme and debilitating fear ,



brain swelling 

Muscular aches and pains ,

Heart palpitations 

Back pain,

Abdominal pain,   

Menopausal symptoms,


Migration .

We request all the above mentioned potential side effects are fully disclosed in information leaflets to all healthcare professionals giving women the opportunity to recognise and link symptoms to the iud and allowing all women to have an informed choice of birth control.

 To bring to your attention a  very interesting article regarding the iud  and the very realastic and sometimes severe negative implications it has on every day women lives .

 To find out more about the very real struggles women around the globe are facing , due to misdiagnosis how important it is we unite together and find those women to help them find support . please see

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