Improve Traffic in front of Hutto High School

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Hutto Texas
The intersection of Hi Way 685 (Chris Kelly Blvd) and Carl Stern Blvd
Traveling Northbound turning right to Carl stern
The corner in front of the CVS by Hutto High school.


After a recent construction project on this part of the road, the lines seem to be painted incorrectly.

People are pulling onto the shoulder of the road to turn right rather than wait in the right hand lane for the light to change.

This petition is asking the city to repaint the shoulder of the road of this intersection to allow a dedicated turn lane.


1 - The shoulder of the road is wide enough to put another lane that could be used for turning.

2 - If the current layout is used, the traffic would queue up and cause delays.
However, it is hard to know how much of a delay because of Point 5 (see below)

3 - A right hand turn from the shoulder of the road is safe, as seen by Point 5 (see below)

4 - No added traffic light is needed, as there is already a right turn allowed on red by the current right hand lane.

5 - People are *Already* using the shoulder to turn right. During peak hours, several dozen people pull onto the side to turn right every time the light cycles, even though the lane to thier left also has the right of way to turn right onto that same road. And there have not been accidents (Yet)


It would be needed to repaint the right hand stripe of the lane.
And perhaps paint a right turn arrow on the road.

Optionally a road sign that says "Right turn only" or perhaps a sign showing the lanes and arrows to indicate which lanes go straight or turn could be added.


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