Justice for Orlando Moore and Portia Ravenelle

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It's with mixed emotions that I  announce today that we have finally returned our brother Orlando Moore to New York. While his family is preparing for his burial, we also know that we must continue the fight for justice. We can not allow the truth to be buried with him. Orlando's family and friends deserve answers, so that we can have closure. 

As many of you, who were following the story in the news know, Orlando and his girlfriend Portia Ravenelle were reported missing when they did not board their return flight home from the Dominican Republic on March 27th 2019. Our families made several attempts to find them, not only locally in the Dominican Republic, but by reaching out to family, friends and various authority figures internationally. Unfortunately, as you know our efforts to locate them alive were unsuccessful. After the story reached the international media, with various stories broadcast not only in the Dominican Republic and North America, but globally as well via CNN, we finally got word that they had been located. Much to our regret Orlando and Portia had been found on the 31st and 27th respectively. Portia having spent a week in the ICU before passing away. Alone, despite the best efforts of her family. 

On April 10th 2019 Congressman Eliot Engel and Adriano Espaillat, both of New York, wrote a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray calling for an investigation into the deaths of both Orlando and Portia. The letter in part is quoted as saying "The FBI must work quickly to conduct a thorough investigation regarding details of their reported deaths that raise questions for us. It is essential that this investigation be conducted expeditiously so that both families can receive the closure they deserve." This petition is to urge the FBI not only to reply, but also to act quickly and launch a thorough investigation as soon as possible. The family and friends of both Orlando Moore and Portia Ravenelle have many unanswered questions, and their passing has been a great loss to their Mount Vernon community. We have a right to answers.

On behalf of both families, I ask that you please sign our petition for the FBI to look further into this matter. Orlando and Portia deserve justice and we need your help to get it. If you would like to see a copy of the letter that was sent to FBI Director Christopher Wray please use the link below. Once again I would like to personally thank you for you continued support during this difficult time, it is truly appreciated.


On behalf of the Moore and Ravenelle families,

Teanna Moore sister of Orlando Moore. 


To view the letter to FBI Director: https://engel.house.gov/latest-news/engel-espaillat-call-for-fbi-investigation-into-reported-deaths-of-2-mount-vernon-residents-in-the-dominican-republic/