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This is USA and not a bad abusive third world country.

Letter to
Federal and Texas State Government F.B.I. and District Atternies
Sop using abusive power

This is USA and not a bad abusive country like the third world country..Look at this news. many US Government officers are involved in sex ,cheating, abusing, committing hate crimes for personal pleasure or by the order of their supervisors, interfering with Medical doctorsto get you killed and so no crime is or can be reported to Police and they are above the Police and Police is also the same type of interest, talking and harassing my mechanics, friends, neighbors, customers, extortion money accepting bribery, selling secrets to foreigners and more and they gets away as nobody is supervising and their supervisors are also cool with them as the hatred on 50 million minority Americans is on for years as this is normal in USA. In India 90% are Hindus and only 10% are Indian Muslims, but this types of hate crimes by Indian Officers never happens or India will be on fire, riots will be all over India as The Power Of Indian democracy and in USA is power of democrushy is on minority Americans as most of the whites are with it. Many whites Americans are good but them not willing to fight with these MONOR.
I had filed petitions on change org but these officers which I believe is FBI is behind it, made my petitions worthless as FBI is blocking it so no American can get to read my petitions and change org also willfully helping FBI so this is called American Democrushy ,the world biggest shame as USA is blaming other countries and US is the largest abusive nation on earth and this is my opinion.
I had filed this on change org Under cover officers are chasing me & female officers posing me to trap:: I want them to stop abusing ,let me live without fear of getting arrest but now male officers chasing into men’s room to stab me with poison needles or so o kill as their all the traps have failed.
This incident happened on last Friday Oct.26, 2012 at 1429 hwy 6 south, on 2nd floor ,Houston ,inside the Hilcroft Medical Clinic, a 6’ 2” white male officers been chasing me from 2.30pm to 3.30pm and he been in there waiting for a long time before we got there, he went inside our Doctor’s office after we left so he been interfering our treatment, this is my conclusion. Then my daughter helped my disable wife who was in wheel chair to use ladies rest room and I had to use the men’s rest room but I had plenty of bad incidents in the past, so I reached the rest room door but had back off, this officer must have been text by other officers who were also in hiding so this officer went to men’s room but as he did not see me in , so he came out and I saw him and so he got little ashamed and frustrated and then disappeared. It looks clear to me that his was an official order to kill by needle full of poison and as we were inside the Medical clinic ,their doctors may willfully can lie and can tell or say “this was a heart attack” so immediately their ambulance will carry out my unconscious or dead body and they done with me. Please post your comments. This official oppressing been on since November 26,1990 and it is on…
USA is not third world country.
I signed as Rashmi Ahya,email,cell 832 274 7491. I also need help how to post his petition as it is not posting or working.Please help. Need help posting my petition.Thanks

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