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no HALO cockpit protection safety device in Formula 1 and other single-seater racing

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Today we have a shocking news that FIA will introduce the HALO safety device for 2018 Formula One season beyond following a Strategy Group meeting on Wednesday.

Yesterday the "shield" cockpit protection already tested in Silverstone courtesy of Sebastian Vettel. "Shield" cockpit protection is moderately good but the problem is visibility.

At this time HALO device is currently sucks because of visibility problems. F1 needs to keep open cockpit because of F1 philosophy not the safety. Motorsports are always be dangerous, sometimes have a risks of crashes. 

Closed cockpits are being safer than open cockpits is not some newly discovered fact. So, why should Formula One suddenly go for a swift change of direction when the risks involved in the sport have been public knowledge since as long as we can all remember?

Media sources have suggested that 9 out of 10 teams voted against the HALO, which shows the distain for the halo within the F1 paddock. And in my opinion, shows a lack of respect to the F1 teams if it turns out to be true.

The World Motor Sport Council will still need to cancel the introduction of HALO before it can arrive on the grid in 2018. But hopefully, with the support of F1 fans, we can make them think twice.

Yours sincerely Formula 1 fans

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