Ban referee Michael Oliver! Make other referees have more responsibilities when they work!

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11.04.2018 Real Madrid played with Italian Juventus in the quarter final of Champions League. The score was 0:3 and the previous 3:0 which mean equal! 92nd minute and Vazquez went down after being pushed from behind when Ronaldo nodded the ball back to him in front of goal, referee decided - it's a penalty! then Michael Oliver gives red card to Gianluigi Buffon who tried to talk with him and I think that he had the right to do it because he is a captain of his team but Oliver kicked Buffon out of the field.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo special for Michael OIiver? Basically this referee just destroyed the great game!

On March 8th 2018 Michael Oliver posts a picture in his Facebook account and he is making fun of Juventus fan;

On April 11th 2018 Michael Oliver says that he is just a referee (after the game Real - Juventus) but I think he better had to be professional referee and not "just a referee"

On April 12th 2018 the same person said " He said that - give me a red card PLEASEEEEE" - did really Buffon say that? I don't think so! How even Michael Oliver can act like this being completely a jerk and giving the best example to the kids who watched the game with their parents from all over the world???

PLEASE ban Michael Oliver from all the football matches because -

- He is corrupted and unprofessional referee;

- He is a fan of Real Madrid and he cannot be on duty when this team has a match because he will not do his job properly, it's obvious;

- He doesn't know how to be a referee and how to work during the match, if he has a bad mood it doesn't mean that this should influence the game;

- He made many people suffer because his actions made some people to have health problems - these are all consequences of Michael's Oliver actions!

The worst refereeing mistakes -

Graham Poll (Croatia v Australia, 2006)

Ali Bin Nasser (England v Argentina, 1986)

Karl-Josef Assenmacher (Holland v England, 1993)

Jorge Larrionda (England v Germany, 2010)

Andre Marriner (Chelsea v Arsenal, 2014)

Dermot Gallagher (Manchester City v Portsmouth, 2006)

Mark Clattenburg (Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur, 2005)

Ukraine - England EURO 2012

Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich 2017

Real Madrid vs Juventus FC 2018

and much more..

If we will check all the referees mistakes since the football exists then we will see that most of the mistakes are happening in our time on 200.. so why is this happening? Because the job is harder now or referees became more corrupted in our time?? Why football nowadays is not football anymore and it's just a business?

Dear FIFA and UEFA if you think that everything is correct with Michael Oliver then please don't do the final game of Champions League in my city Kiev which is in Ukraine. I don't want to watch 1 more corrupted game! I want to see a real game, real football with a spirit how it was 15-25 years ago!

Thank you!