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How do you require tonnes of young people without stable and proper earnings to be able to afford the new Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) rates? Not forgetting that unemployment is an unresolved issue in Kenya. 

Youtube is a free platform where anyone can post a video or vlog and it does not pay the owner of the video content, therefore the users agree to terms and conditions and any form of content uploaded is viewed by the youtube officials, therefore the KFCB claim of charging and having mandatory licenses for posting on youtube is vague and a show of disregard of Kenyan youth creative content. 


  1. Vloggers/Kenyan youtubers to pay an annual fee of Ksh 12,000 ($120) for registering and licensing film agents, local and international filmmakers.
  2. Pay Ksh 5000 ($50) license fee every week you upload a video on youtube.
  3. Payment of ksh 1000 ($10) every day that they film
  4. The videos or content to be uploaded has to be approved by the KFCB before being uploaded.
  5. A fine of ksh 100,000 to be paid if found vlogging with no license.

This is a clear indication of disregard of Kenyan talent and freedom of expression within the country. why are we being charged to post content on a platform that is free? This is the first we have heard of people paying to upload videos on an internationally recognized and free platform (Youtube). We are not to be led like sheep, we have our voices and it is time to raise them!

As the youth of Kenya we cannot allow bigotry from these people who disregard Kenyan talent. Their time is up. It is our time to rise, shine and let our voices be heard. They cannot disregard our local content and praise international content that portrays our nation when we can do it ourselves. These are the double standards that are making us as a nation lag behind.

Dear Mr. Ezekiel Mutua

We as a young nation will not let you dictate our freedom of expression!

We are here to stay!!


The Kenyan youth.




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