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Rebuild West, Texas through an Extreme Town Makeover

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As you’ve heard by now, West, Texas is in great need of help rebuilding their town. What better way to have an organized rebuild of their town than to get Extreme Home Makeover involved? Only this time, let’s make it an Extreme Town Makeover.

Everybody loves how Extreme Home Makeover helps a deserving family in need, but in this disaster , West didn’t just have one family that had their lives cave in on them. This is a small town full of neighbors, many of whom are suddenly and unexpectedly in need and grieving the loss of friends and family. We have heard stories of the people of West escaping their own damaged or destroyed homes, only to put themselves in harm’s way to help rescue their neighbors. Sadly, the town lost many of its first responders in this tragedy.

As West looks to its future, let’s encourage Extreme Home Makeover to give a jump start to rebuilding the town and honoring the heroes who were lost, and the heroes who still live here today. Please consider joining this petition to support this community through encouraging an Extreme Town Makeover. We ask that Extreme Home Makeover will let viewers know how we can help, too. Once West is rebuilt, don’t forget to come visit and try the kolaches!

Rebuild West Wish List:
Rebuild the damaged/destroyed schools
Replace destroyed firetrucks and emergency vehicles
Rebuild homes for the families of the emergency responders, especially those who tragically lost their lives
Rebuild the nursing home
Rebuild homes for as many other families as possible
Build a memorial park for the community to come together to reflect and enjoy

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