Extrajudicial killings of innocent fulanis in the Northwestern part of Nigeria

Extrajudicial killings of innocent fulanis in the Northwestern part of Nigeria

2 November 2022
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Started by Khalil chubado

Extrajudical killings of the fulani and immune armed robbery of the fulani in the Northwestern part of Nigeria, have been going on silently:


Local Fulani In the Northwestern part of Nigeria, are treated like mosquito, they are been killed by local vigilantees in a broad day light on the major highways or markets or they will be Robbed of their belongins by the 'yan sakai but nobody cared to talk about it.


 There are many towns that a fulani cannot dare to go in the Northwestern Part of Nigeria and nobody cares, if he goes, then he will be slaughtered by armed hausa vigilantees.


Fulanis are been extrajudicially killed by hausa armed militia called 'yan sakai and Vigilantees in the Northwestern Part of Nigeria


When you go to the Eastern part of sokoto, like in Rabah, Gande, Goronyo, illela, Sabon birni, isa Lga's you can ask anybody irrespective of his tribe about this extraducial killings of the fulani that has been going on, by illiterate armed Hausa militia called 'yan sakai, and Vigilantees without any Justification, they block highways and slaughter any fulani they see, nothing has been done by the government.


An underage fulani boy was slaughtered in a broad day light by the 'Yan sakai along zamfara road, from sokoto, the boy's name was muhammad, till date, nothing has been done about it.


If you go to Zamfara, Katsina and Niger state, it is thesame thing


in Niger state a whole fulani town was wiped out by local vigilantee militia, the town is called Adogon Malam, the traditional ruler was slaughtered by the vigilantees, Voa has investigated the case and confirmed it, but till date nothing has been done


these injustices, extortion and extra-judicial killings of the fulani by these local militia is the reservoir of bandits and other criminal gangs, as they prey on innocent fulani victims of injustice and extra-judicial killings by local miitia.


The hausa accused the fulani of been bandits, despite the fact the fuel of banditry in the northwest is Hausa, because the hausa proving information of gullible target to the bandits, they supply the bandits with arms and ammunitions, they provide the bandits with army uniform, the motorclyle and the fuel the bandits used is been provided by hausa, the cattle that the bandits stole, is been sold by hausa, medication is been provided to the bandits by Hausa, can you see the correlation??


so the bandits are supposed to be regarded as Hausa-fulani bandits, because both the tribes are involved.



Recently, the son of the former sokoto governor Attahiru Bafarawa was arrested for supplying logistics to the bandits including supplying Them with military Armoured vehicle carrier worth N27 million, but yet Musa Bafarawa which they know called musa kamarawa was never been accused of been a Hausa bandit, nor any of his family members where slaughtered by the 'Yan sakai, the hausa local militia.


this should be looked upon, by the international community, since the Nigerian government do not care about it at all.

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Signatures: 112Next Goal: 200
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