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Excessive Killing

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     Under the Duterte Administration, extra judicial killing really exist, a kind of homicide or murder of private individuals who have not undergone trials or due process. Thus, these individuals are alleged of a crime they are not guilty about, which makes this a human rights violation and unlawful to both the legal court of the government and the church.

     Based on the latest record from the PNP Public Information Office,there are 626,386 drug users and pushers surrendered to the police.Close to 900 drug suspects have been killed in anti-narcotics operations,latest records from the Philippines National Police showed from July 1 to August 30, the PNP has counted 895 drug personalities were killed in police operation nationwide. Extrajudicial killings by all means should be stopped but the government takes so necessary actions because they themselves implements this just to attain their goal which is to stop the use of illegal drugd such as shabu, marijuana and etc. Our mission is to give information and knowledge to every individual about human rights and about the unlawful punishment. And our visions is to achieve a peaceful country and to fight violence against human rights.

     The purpose of this project is to lessen the innocent person being killed under the arm of unknown person. And also we want to enlarge the knowledge of people about human rights because many people did not know how they will protect and fight to their selves. We want to push the lawful due process to give the proper punisment for the people who are being accused.                        

     Our group aims to create a webpage to promote and provide information and knowledge about human rights. And we will show some pictures about alleged killings without due process. The pictures that will be posted are violation about human rights,with the number of person who was killed by unknown person and the number who was killed because of illegal drugs.

     We will be requiring a week to develop this project and we will start our petition right away then upload our website using JIMDO. We will also be using our own resources gicen by our parents and the help of our sponsor so the funding for this project will be close to none. Our expenses may only include the internet and computer shop rentals and the fare in case we need more time outside school hours. We will also be using free services already offered by facebook, blogger, and The scope of our projects is to be able to reach the commanding in our society a president, the governor, police and also the drug addict to sign our petition.

     For more information or question about our project, just contact us at or call us at 0916-149-0359.



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