Extensions for End of May Assignments for Sociology Students Affected by the Strike Action

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We, as Sociology students of Newcastle University demand an extension for the assignments due during the end of May exam period due to the impact of recent strike action. The strike action which took place in the four weeks leading up to 16th March which was also the deadline for our dissertation has caused significant disruption at such a crucial period for Stage 3 students.

The content in Stage 3 modules affected by the strike has been rushed, poorly delivered or is missing. Furthermore, communication and guidance issues with striking dissertation supervisors has taken too much time away from what should have been dedicated to individual student-led learning for these modules. 

This is not to suggest that we are not in support of the strike. However, this support does not overshadow the serious disruption this has caused to our studies. We believe that all Module Leaders should recognise that it is their duty to deliver the content necessary and we cannot account for what we have not been taught if we have not been taught it. This is causing a considerable amount of undue stress. We accept that we can cover the missing content which is necessary for us to fulfill learning outcomes but to do so, we must be allowed the fairest amount of time. Therefore we reasonably demand a 14 day extension to the assessment deadlines due at the end of May.