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Change Glenside Extended Stay's Employees

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My family had stayed in this hotel recently, and has given them less than 24 hours to pack everything (after all but having to live there) and get out. Why? They refuse to tell my mother.  

This is all happening after they have already fraudulently taxed them, and one of the employees was threatening my mother saying racial slurs. All the workers have been denying the worker did anything wrong even though part of it was caught on tape ( (The audio is not the best, apologies.)

Quoting what she said that my mother heard, pardon the language this is exact quotes,

"I handed her the letter and she got in my face talking about how she already talked to the manager. I told the bitch I didn't know anything about that. She said 'The manager didn't tell you what we talked about yesterday?' And I told her 'no.' She comes at me again with 'Well, she should have.' Oh my God, white people! This bitch doesn't know who she's messing with. I'll just deactivate her key and lock her out of her room. Then we'll see what she does ... and it's so fucking sick. I'm going to knock a white bitch down."

They have five children, two adults, and one cat. As of now they have no where to go, and the ages of the children go from a year to sixteen. 

They deserve a refund of all the money they spent, they deserve and apology and the worker needs to be fired, not only for her words but also her actions.

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