EXTEND THE NRAS for our Elderly and Low Income Earners

EXTEND THE NRAS for our Elderly and Low Income Earners

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Why this petition matters

Started by Lyndall Marsh

The NRAS - National Rental Affordability Scheme was established to provide low income earners a significant reduction in their rental costs.

This scheme has been very successful and life saving for many people who would otherwise be faced with homelessness.

PROBLEM: The incentive only lasts for 10 years at the end of those 10 years the current tenants who have been paying the reduced rent will now be forced to pay the normal Market Rate for rent, and we all know what this is like at the moment.

Many residents living in these properties are single parents or elderley receiving an aged pension from the Government.

To put it into perspective the approximate rate of aged pension is $900.00 per fortnight.

Real Example of someone I know: A single aged pensioner in her 70's has been living in a subsidised 1 Bedroom apartment paying $210 per week.

The 10 year Government grant offered to the building expires in 6 months time.

The tenant has received a notice advising that at the end of the period the rent will then increase to $370 per week then a further increase to $410 per week in 6 months time.

That is $820 per fortnight rent, out of a $900 pension.

No one can live off this. These ages pensioners are retired, they can no longer work, no longer produce an income.

What will happen to these vulnerable people.

There are already so many people living in the cars, on the streets due to lack of affordable housing.

We cant simply kick these people out on the streets. This could be your parents/ grandparents who have worked hard all of their lives and deserve at the very least to be able to have a roof over their heads.





73 have signed. Let’s get to 100!