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Millions of homeowners remain underwater, in foreclosure, and in need of dire financial assistance! As the economy begins to rebound, it is irresponsible for the federal government to end the programs implemented by the current administration. We, the 99%, rely on these programs to regain homeownership or have the right to walk away and start a fresh financial life without resorting to bankruptcy! This petition is to respectfully request a extension to the Home Affordable Programs and subsequently The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act and Debt Cancellation Act of 2007. As a community we wish to rebuild and remember the "American Dream," Homeownership!

Letter to
Richard Cordray Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Please extend the government funded Home Affordable Modification Programs for struggling homeowners until 2015! 31.4% of all US homeowners owe more on their mortgage then their property is worth. In addition, 500,000 foreclosures in South Florida have still not yet hit the court system. Ending the Home Affordable Modification Programs would be detrimental to the recovery of the economy. In response to the government establishing the consumer financial protection bureau, we ask the organization to help the citizens of South Florida, Southern Connecticut, and the remaining struggling homeowners in the United States of America to extend the programs available to homeowners to help them regain fianancial independence.

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