Extend fee payment deadline and provide sem fee concession: BPPIMT and other Kol colleges

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Amidst a deadly worldwide pandemic which is the biggest social, economic and health crisis the world has faced in over a century- this act of throwing the demand of full fee payment upon the face of students and their parents is extremely apathetic.

Almost all institutes in kolkata closed down after March 15 2020- that was when the deadly virus just started it's spread around the country. Most of our families were economically stable, and up until now we've never faced away from paying whatever outrageous amount the college(s) demanded of us.

However, the situation has changed drastically in the last 2 months, economically speaking- a good number of families are left without a source of income and there is little hope for future jobs among the students. Desperately trying to catch up to the new methods of teaching, we've spent a good amount of money on resources like internet. All these colleges hadn't incurred any expenditure on infrastructure fees, lab fees, maintenance fee and so on- yet they demand the same amount of money (actually more) when they roll out the fee notices as of today.

How is this in any form justified? This is clear exploitation of people who are suffering immensely under dire situations. Why is the fees demanded from us not divided into actual segments of expenditure and adjusted accordingly?

We do not want to take away from the teachers who have worked hard and tried their best to teach us despite everything that's going on. We're willing to pay tuition fee, BUT THAT'S ABOUT IT. These colleges deserve to ask not a single penny more out of us. We demand our college (BPPIMT) to show the actual breakdown of expenditure which results in our fees and only demand tuition fee out of that. It wouldn't be more than 50% of our normal fee and we will not pay anything more than that when the actual infrastructure being used is OURS.

For reference, all correspondence colleges charge around Rs 30,000 for a 2 year course. Considering we have been studying from a distance, is it reasonable to ask more than Rs 10,000 for one semester?

Even more outrageous is the fact that our college (BPPIMT) dares to demand the full fee payment by the end of June. The situation will get nothing but worse by the time June ends, it is literally not feasible for substantial number of people to pay that amount of money by the end of June- the deadline should extend to somewhere around August or September.

These are hard times, we expect kindness and consideration from the ones who impart education.

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