Extend Adelaide Metro's train service to Mount Barker

Extend Adelaide Metro's train service to Mount Barker

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Why this petition matters

Started by Austin Boath

Mount Barker is a growing town in South Australia. The Mount Barker district council's population is estimated to reach 60,000 in the next 15 years, but it's only primary connection to Adelaide is the South Eastern Freeway, a 3-lane road in each direction that can become busy in rush hour. Bus service is provided, but this is slow and indirect (as well as being infrequent & inefficient).

I am proposing a much faster Adelaide Metro train link. As the Mount Lofty station in Crafers-Stirling is now privately owned and much closer to the Adelaide metropolitan area, buses should serve here so trains won't need to stop. A direct link between Belair & Mount Barker is needed.

The stops on this extended line will go as follows:

  1. Mount Barker
  2. Belair
  3. Pinera
  4. Glenalta
  5. Coromandel
  6. Eden Hills
  7. Lynton
  8. Mitcham
  9. Unley park
  10. Millswood
  11. Goodwood
  12. Adelaide CBD

The stretch from Belair to Mount Barker can be electrified and reach speeds of 130 - 150 km/h. This stretch of track will take ~15 minutes to travel through, roughly 34km. By contrast, this same journey by car would take 24 minutes and add extra traffic stress to the bottlenecked SE Freeway.

By extending the railway, cyclists would also have an advantage, because they could take their bike into Adelaide and cycle to their specific destination. Bikes are not allowed on buses & trams.

Cyclists could also catch the train to mount barker and cycle beyond the Adelaide Metro network, which would allow easier access to Murray Bridge, Milang & Wellington

A train expansion would be in good taste for the area and is very much needed.

16 have signed. Let’s get to 25!