Stop Express-Times from littering our neighborhoods!

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The Express-Times litters our sidewalks, yards and streets weekly with its Marketplace flyer. This creates an unsightly, unsafe criminal environment and reduces the real estate values of our homes. This is not a subscription and therefore should not be delivered unless requested by individual residents. We want the Express Times to stop delivering to property owners who don't specifically request it, stop throwing them into yards, onto sidewalks and into the streets. They must be placed at doors or delivered via the USPS.

Studies show that people are more likely to litter where there is already litter. Therefore, it isn't just the direct impact of their littering but also the additional litter that it perpetuates that foments a negative perception of our neighborhoods.

Also, it has been proven that crime rates are higher in areas that are littered. Criminals are more likely to perpetrate crimes in areas that are perceived to be unkept, unmanaged and untidy because they feel that the residents are negligent and unlikely to report suspicious activity.

In addition, when residents are on vacation, accumulated flyers advertise to would-be thieves that there is no one at home and therefore it is a prime target for theft. The abandoned homes that have numerous flyers in front are a signal to criminals that the house is available to carry out criminal activity.

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