We need to have more option of english assessment exams other than IELTS in Express Entry

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Canada has become the number one choice for people to migrate and build a brighter future. The federal government of Canada introduced the Express Entry system which is a point based system to award Permanent residency to eligible candidates.

The Express entry system awards points based on Age, Educational qualification, Work Experience and fluency in English. The first three grounds are generally attainable through merit. But Since, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) accepts only IELTS exam result for measuring english fluency. It puts IELTS ( in a position of power.  The golden score IELTS to qualify for Express Entry system is Listening (8), Speaking , Writing (7), Reading (7). This is a loophole in the Express Entry which is causing numerous genuine candidates undue harm.

My english skills were sufficient to get me enrolled to one of the most competitive law schools in India  I have written general IELTS for 4 times within 6 months and every time there is only one section among the L/R/W/S which is slightly below the mark (by .5) but enough to adversely affect my CRS score. The following are my test results

6/10/16            L-7     R-8    W-7.5  S-8.5 
3/12/2016        L-8.5  R-7    W-6.5  S-8
21/01/2017      L-9     R-7.5 W-6     S-8
25/03/2017      L-8.5  R6.5  W-7     S-8    

These are all scores within six months and considering the  best of all ( L -9 R-8 W-7.5 S 8.5) makes up a CRS of 471, but individually they make out 410 at best . The appeal costs half the as much as a new exam and IELTS agency is itself the only appeal authority. This makes them a judge in their own cause. (Nemo judex in causa sua)

For the record, in September i finally got the highest band 9 on IELTS but there was no difference in my preparation and still feel the exam is arbitrarily awarding a 6 band in one of the section to trap people taking exams again and again. 

Such is the plight of countless aspirants who are hoping to build a better life in Canada but have similar complaints about their test results. Since, the present system allows scores from only one exam, the candidates are stuck in a loop of repeating IELTS just because the score is less in one of the sections. Thus, are suffering not on account of skills but misfortune. 

I would humbly request the readers to please sing the petition to get attention of CIC and make them allow  candidates to submit their best scores from more than one IELTS exam taken within a limited time period for calculation of their CRS. 
It would also be better to allow results from other English assessment agencies like Pearsons, TOEFL to be considered for Canadian immigration, as CLEPIP conducts exams only in Canada and UAE. 

Allowing the suggested changes will not hamper the quality of applicants coming in as they do have the required skills for building a career in Canada. Therefore, it will make the the procedure even more transparent and merit based.