Explore, Document & Protect the Ancient Vedic Modalities from willing Saints of My India.

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Indian Heritage, Ancient Wisdom, Vedic Modalities and Culture is now a days being bullied in the name of Science.

We all Respect Science for all that we are enjoying today and clearing all misconceptions held for many years in the minds of mankind.But it is also essential to dig into the truths of ancient modalities and explore the newest heights of science beyond science.

Science is evolving. Why cant it Spend time and resource in R&D of Spiritual and Vedic Practices.Our Mother land has been giving birth to Many Great Saints like Swami Vivekananda, Swamy Rama Krishna Param Hamsa, and in our present age Gurus like Avdoot Shivanand ( Shivyog, Spirituality in a Scientific Approach, Who is been Recognised in Different Countries,But have no recognition in India ), Swamy Jaggi Vasudev (ISha Foundation) etc.,. Inspite of putting Efforts to Explore the Possibilities and arrive at solutions for the insights that are given in our ancient Culture & Spiritual Modalities , we are sticking to the evolving Science and deceiving our selfs and the nation by bullying our saints and their Practices though TV Media and Social Media.

How far will the Soft Sciences(Science Beyond the Known evolved Science) Stand to the Masses of mankind who is now taking the earth into the form of non biodegradable susbstance than looking at the earth as a place for living. There should be some space for the Heritage, Spirituality , Culture , Yoga & Practices. There should be some Prohibition on evil talks and hatred Speeches on the said views to mitigate the loss we are supposed to incurr by allowing them to destroy the country. 

Govt. of India Should Recognise all of them, Put  R&D on the Vedic Modalities, Allow the saints to Prove or Show the world with new possibilities. If it is not our Nation's duty, Then who will Recognise them. Please Give Recognition. Stop Bullying.Give Guidelines to media to elevate the Nations Pride. Jai Hind.    

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