Expel Lauren Boebert from the House of Representatives Immediately

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Lauren Boebert was just elected US Representative from Colorado’s Third District.  She had a big role in inciting, leading, and directing the riots through the Capitol via Twitter- before and during the incident.  She has a very troubling criminal record which you can see on Lauren’s Rap Sheet

We demand she be expelled from the House immediately.

Included in her record are:

- disorderly conduct

- EIGHT counts of not paying taxes on behalf of Shooter’s Grill

- giving 36 people bloody diarrhea from Shooter’s improperly prepared pork sliders at the GarCo (Garfield County) Fair in 2017.

- 2 counts on not showing up to court

- not paying her Shooter’s waitresses enough

She has been equally as dangerous as a congresswoman.  Not only has she insisted on bringing her Glock to work with her every day.  Just before riots stormed the Capitol, on January 6, 2021, Boebert contributed to inciting violence in support of Trump in these three tweets below:



During the riots, she also live-tweeted Nancy Pelosi’s location for the riots, endangering her:


And if that isn’t enough, her own constituents were protesting outside her office not long after:

Protestors Want Boebert Recalled