Stop using RoundUp at Somerset Hills Park

Stop using RoundUp at Somerset Hills Park

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Why this petition matters

Started by Carmen Fajardo

The Somerset Hills Park in Southern Highlands is sprayed with RoundUp on Saturdays and any other time there is weeds throughout the week. This has been confirmed by Par 3 -the parks maintenance. 

During the summer, the park's grass relies heavily on sprinklers. 

RoundUp suggests not wetting product.

There is virtually no communication to the residents on which products we are exposing ourselves to. Let alone a discussion on what could be used.

Many independent studies, show that glyphosate in Roundup cause birth defects, asthma, seizures, cancer, genetic damage, endocrine disruption, and other serious effects, often at low, realistic doses. This also applies to children and animals.

The goal of this petition is to get Southern Highlands HOA to step in a communal approach on what should be sprayed in our backyards ie local parks. In hopes Southern Highlands can lead the way to a healthier future that takes into consideration a long term approach of the local ecologies health.

Please sign this petition if you do not wish to support Monsanto products like RoundUp being used at the Somerset Hills Park on 10717 Valencia Hills Street, Las Vegas, NV 89141.

Thank you for your time.

42 have signed. Let’s get to 50!