Lynching and Killing of Sri Lankan Citizen in Sialkot, Pakistan

Lynching and Killing of Sri Lankan Citizen in Sialkot, Pakistan

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Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan

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Started by Syed Quadri

Dear Mr. Prime Minister Imran Khan ... Assalaam O Alaikum WrWb ~

Pakistani expatriates are absolutely HORRIFIED by the recent lynching and killing of Sri Lankan citizen Priyantha Diyawadana by the mob in Sialkot, Pakistan.

Such a crime has no excuse, basis and place in the teachings of Islam, a belief of majority of Pakistanis.

Indeed your endeavors for a sovereign and nourishing nation and ultimately stronger Pakistan which is undoubtedly full of virtues and benefits has made people from all over the world feel welcome to the country. In particular expatriate Pakistani community has not only responded positively to your requests but also proven to be a sincere source of support and procurement to facilitate your efforts.

However, due to the recent brutal episode in Sialkot the community feels exposed and vulnerable to the situation. Repercussions means Islamophobia can hit back with brutal force on Muslims and Pakistanis. Significant brain drain out of Pakistan has been experienced not only due to decades of economic as well as political instability but also because of hijacking and misrepresentation of religious guidance. Expatriate Pakistanis will not be put on stake any further and will be forced to think deeper while considering technical, leadership and financial investment to significantly facilitate Pakistan's economy afloat.

Respected Prime Minister, the incident at Greater Iqbal Park, Lahore and recent mob lynching in Sialkot, gives a terrifying and bleak impression of a nation in general and more harmfully incapacity and incompetency of authorities for not being able to implement the law and order, which exist for the safety and security of the people in the country. Mob crimes are scary, devastating and harmful for the humanity therefore if immediate actions of permanent nature are not taken by your Government to control the situation we will not be incorrect in feeling that our future generations are not safe in associating with and being in Pakistan.

We strongly urge your undeterred attention to the matter and demand that the immediate and unconditional actions should be taken against those who are directly and indirectly responsible for the killing of Priyantha.

We further demand implementation of SOLID blasphemy laws more than ever. The nation should be thoroughly informed, advised and educated of serious consequences for attempting to take the law into their hands.

We look forward to your immediate actions,  persisting strategy of your Government and continuous implementation of law by the enforcement authority!

Expatriate Pakistanis                                                                                               May Almighty GOD Bless us with the Guidance!

85 have signed. Let’s get to 100!