The Hunter - Zombie Lands

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The game is gorgeous. Visually enchanting. The gameplay reaches up to a level equal to most known titles. Maybe better than them already.

We ask the guys of Expansive Worlds and Avalanche Studios to read this our request and think seriously about it.

We are sure that you are the right people to create THE survival game that can be a real milestone for generations to follow.

Over time different titles are come, with many cues  and ideas poorly implemented, game mechanics and approximate graphics features.

We think that a game like The Hunter: Call of the Wild mixed to a survival game like DayZ for example can be a watershed.
We can have a before and later The Hunter: Zombie Lands.

We know that such a radical change would result in a strong economic spending from your side.
Enlarge the map, create the server structure and so on. We know it’s not easy.
We think anyway, that everyone of us would be willing to help to see your own title in the Steam library.

Let us help you concretely.
Create A Fundraising for this project.
Surely MANY of us we will be a part of it.

Let’s trust in us just like we trust in you.

Thanks in advance for your time!

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