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Petitioning HE The Governor of Haryana and 14 others

Exotic animal species and Pak Hindus needs attention - Abhishek Kadyan

Exotic cage birds and 480 Pakistani Hindu families needs attention, matter has been taken with the Government, where as strong legislation for exotic animal species required in India.

Letter to
HE The Governor of Haryana
Chairman, PFA Haryana Naresh Kadyan
Ministry of Home Affairs Joint Secretary (Coordination and Public Grievances)
and 12 others
Supreme Court of India Hon'ble Mr. Chief Justice
Chairperson, NAC Smt. Sonia Gandhi
The National Human Rights Commission
Hon'ble Chief Minister, Haryana
President, BJP
HE The Vice President of India, New Delhi.
The Cabinet Secretary
The Chief Minister of Delhi
Hon'ble Speaker, Haryana Assembly
HE The President of India
Hon'ble Prime Minister of India
Office of Deepender Singh Hooda
Plight of Pak Hindus: Indian citizenship required - Abhishek Kadyan
In a reprieve to 480 Pakistani Hindus, the Home Ministry has extended visas for a month, before the government takes a decision on their demand for political asylum in India. These people came here to participate in the Kumbh Mela that concluded in Allahabad last month. But they refused to leave India, alleging that atrocities were being committed against them in Pakistan. They even petitioned the President and the United Nations. The matter came to light when the Pakistani Hindus approached the Delhi government and pleaded for political asylum as their visas expired on April 8. The Delhi government sought the Home Ministry’s direction. “We will consider their pleas sympathetically, As all these matters take time, we have extended their visas for a month,” a senior official of the Ministry said on Wednesday. Significantly, the government is yet to take a decision on granting political asylum or Indian citizenship to several Pakistani Hindus who had come to the country in the last few months. But it has not deported them and has been extending their visas regularly. In December last, the Home Ministry told Parliament that between 2009 and 2011, 1,290 applications of Pakistani nationals had been received from various State governments for grant of Indian citizenship by registration and naturalisation. Of these, 764 were granted Indian citizenship. The UN affiliated OIPA in India and PFA Haryana demands Indian citizenship and rehabilitation of these effected families, where as PFA Haryana ready to provide shelter to these people at its gaushala, Sarai Khatela in District Palwal (Haryana), Please grant permission to PFA Haryana through its founder Chairman Naresh Kadyan.
Matter taken up with the Ministry of Home Affairs vide No. MINHA/E/2013/00725 and with Govt. of Haryana vide No.SSHOM/E/2013/00010.
Exotic cage birds and 480 Pakistani Hindu families needs attention, where as strong legislation for exotic animal species required in India.
Punjabis who migrated from Indian territory now Pakistan to present India during the country’s partition should be accorded the status of freedom fighters in view of their great sacrifices and instrumental role in the freedom struggle. Punjabi Mahasabha Haryana President Ashok Mehta, General Secretary Surender Juneja, OIPA Media Adviser Abhishek Kadyan and Programme Director Miss Sukanya Kadyan lamented that the sacrifices made by the Punjabis for the sake of their religion and their country had not been acknowledged till date. “They will make efforts to get freedom fighter status accorded to the Punjabis who migrated to the country and all due facilities for their children who have contributed a great deal in the socioeconomic progress of the country,” they said. Naresh Kadyan, Chairman, People for Animals (PFA) Haryana extending full support and cooperation to the families migrated from Pakistan to India and offered accommodation in the premises of PFA Haryana gaushala at Sarai Khatela in Palwal District, on his request AICC General Secretary Shri B.K. Hariparsad taken up the matter with the Minister of Home Affairs, Miss Sukanya Kadyan and Abhishek Kadyan managed online petition under guidance of Ashok Mehta and Surender Juneja to extend the visa of newly migrated Pakistani Hindus along with demands of refugee status for them.
Land for Punjabi memorials required in India along with the freedom fighter status to all migrated Indians from Indian territory now Pakistan to main India.

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