Focusing to improve the quality of joints for dissimilar conductors

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Over many years, there are studies conducted seeking the improvement in the quality of welds or connections made for earthing systems or lightning protection system. Efforts were made for applications such as earthing and lightning protection conductors. Any electrical network requires connections to be established for continuity in the network.

The use of crimping, brazing, clamping, bolting, compression techniques were found to get week and loosen within few years of installation. As the joints are an important section that should never be ignored, they should be dealt with extreme care. Joints does not simply joint two dissimilar sections rather they ensure continuity in the connected network. When in case of earthing or lightning conductors, stronger joints can enable complete dissipation of the faults that happen to occur.

Exothermically welded conductors are advanced technology that is apt for applications where super strong and enduring joint is to be made. Joints are of different shape, dimensions and type and too of different materials. Exothermic welding technique is a special technique that can deliver connections that have 100% contact surface. It has been long recognized to be an important substitute to other jointing techniques to avoid weld faults. Methodology has been proven to make strong and unbreakable fix for earthing or lightning conductors and as well as for rails since they upheld longevity and reliability.

Here in this case, the weld powder is melted to initiate a chemical reaction for the formation of joint. All this happens inside a graphite mould which is designed according to the required connection that is needed to be made. The conductors that is to be joined, their shape, size, dimensions, etc. are determined before designing mould.

Exothermic welding system is composed of purposed made mould, weld powder, cleaning brush, flint gun, mould are utilized to make firm and secure contact. This particular method is compatible with every material including: copper, galvanized iron, CCS, bronze, brass, cast iron, niobium, wrought iron, etc. This is a mandate for maintenance free setup because the joint created exothermically does not deteriorate or corrode easily; rather stays as installed for more than 25 years


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