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Raul Garcia 23, is currently at Pelican Bay State Prison serving a 50 year sentence for a crime he DID NOT commit.  Raul has been away from his loving family for over 3 years now.  This peititon is to give attention to Raul's case and the miscarriage of justice that HAS occured, to see the new evidence and set him free.  Let's bring Raul home!

Here is his story...

Castroville, Ca.
December 31, 2009:
A gang related drive by shooting occured. Nine shots were fired at a house. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Witnesses to the shooting, identified Rogellio Guillermo Garcia, 27, as the gunman. Fifteen minutes after the shooting Monterey County Sheriffs went to the home of Raul Garcia, 19, nicknamed Roy, and accused him of being the gunman. The family insisted on a Gun Powder Residue Test, but the officers refused to give him one. Police searched Rauls home for weapons, gang attire, anything and found nothing. Raul was arrested and charged with attempted murder, with a few enhancements. Raul was labelled as a gang member. Yet, With three false witnesses, Raul was convicted and sentenced to 50 years in prison.
Raul is now 23, serving time in one of the harshest prisons in California. He does not belong there, he belongs home with his family who love him.

Letter to
Monterey County Superior Court Judge Judge Pamela Butler
February 3, 2011, Raul Garcia was found guilty of attempted murder and sentenced to 50 years in prison. He has innocently served nearly 4 years now. Raul was not the person who they were looking for, by the name of Rogellio Guilermo Garcia, 27 years old. Raul was 19, yet Monterey County Officials booked and charged Raul as Rogellio Guilermo Garcia. (Took a while to get the name and age right) New evidence has been received to show Raul was not the gunman of this shooting.
I, all of Raul's Family, ask that this new evidence be received, and carefully considered for the exoneration of Raul Garcia.