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Louis Mathews is innocent in the murder of Scott Turner. We petition for his release and the dismissal of this charge immediately. 

Louie's case is one of a wrongful conviction from Mashpee, Massachusetts. A man named Scott Turner was brutally bludgeoned & murdered, unfortunately. Louis was convicted & sentenced to life without the possibility of parole despite there being no actual physical evidence tying him to the crime.


Unfortunately, that leads us to believe this was a racially charged accusation, charge, and conviction. Louie is a black man tried by an all white jury. All other suspects are white and well connected.

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We know that Scott Turner was having an affair with a woman named Lisa Brundage five days before his death. Lisa was involved in a relationship with a man named Thomas Winner. Tom threatened to kill Scott Turner in the days leading up to his death. He lived on the street where Scott was killed. He had no alibi and was never investigated by police for this murder. He plead the fifth when called to Louie's trial. Unfortunately, Lisa Brundage was brutally beaten to death 6 weeks after Scott, by Tom. 

There are two other suspects in this case, with mountains more evidence than what was contrived against Louis. There is no eye witness. Louie has an alibi. Louie does not have a motive. Louie did not have the victim's blood on his person, clothing, or in the places he was. Nor does the victim or murder weapon have Louie's blood from his cut on his nose, on them. The murder scene was covered in blood as the perpetrator would have been.

I invite you to listen to an 8 minute podcast <-- about this case.

You may also read about this case and the investigative report done by the Mashpee Enterprise.

Check out the latest news here about our rally to Exonerate Louis Mathews from 3/16/2020. 

At Louie's trial, his lawyer did NOT to call 4 people who were ready to testify about threats made to the victim by two different people or the actions of certain folks following Scott's murder, including bleaching their clothing.
Several new witnesses have come forward, including a crucial witness, ...whose testimony is jarring and exonerates Louie totally. We cannot divulge that information until it is notarized and sealed.

Prosecutors hid DNA findings and exculpatory evidence that implicate a State "witness". They also hid crucial evidence that was found at the crime scene. Mashpee Police suppressed statements made by the public about those involved in the crime & their actions the day Scott's body was discovered. 

Louie did not have the victim's DNA or blood on his person, his clothing, his shoes, or the items he touched.

This is most definitely a case of wrongful conviction and I am asking, for Louie, for his mother who did not make it through her illness to see her son exonerated, to please, sign his petition. 

Louie is fighting tirelessly through the courts, with an entire community behind him. He deserves to be heard and we are asking if you will listen. We are asking if you too will support him in his time of need.

We are asking you to read, research, and join in advocating for Louie. He is a humble man with nothing to hide, waiting for his day to be heard.

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Louie was #convicted, #wrongfully, in the 2004 #Mashpee, Massachusetts murder of his friend, Scott Turner.

How could he be innocent when he was convicted of first degree murder?

I’m so glad you asked....

In the days before Scott Turner was killed, Louie had helped Scott get a job. The night Scott lost his life, Louie paid for their drinks @ a local bar. He treated Scott well.. because Louie is a stand up guy & anyone will tell that. Louie never left Lynda's house on the night of Scott's murder. Scott came and left with other people, continuing his night out. Scott had been threatened by two men in the days before his death for an affair he was having, as well as issues with his sister's boyfriend & other house guests.

Those are the facts.

Prosecutors used circumstantial to convict Lou, meaning- there is no true data to directly tie the accused to the crime. The State hid DNA evidence, committing one of numerous brady violations. The police suppressed witness statements which point to third party culprits, & they then lied to the grand jury to secure an indictment.

The Commonwealth’s DNA “expert” misrepresented the test results to obtain a conviction, due to the lack of true and substantial evidence... All samples taken from Louie's hands, shower/drain, clothes, &any items he touched EXCLUDED THE VICTIM'S DNA!! HOWEVER (get this): the State's 'expert' called the results “inconclusive”. They had no positive DNA matches WITH LOUIS MATHEWS AND SCOTT TURNER; no connection was made via DNA & so, the next best thing was to call everything inconclusive. That's what ya do when you don't actually have a case.

There wasn’t & still isn’t ANY physical evidence to indicate that Louie had bludgeoned a man to death, striking him about the head >MORE than 10 times.

You heard that correctly.

There was NO #spray, NO #blowback & NO #bloodsplatter. There was absolutely *NO* blood, belonging to the victim on ANY of Louie’s clothing/shoes OR his person OR any objects he handled (tissue/door handles/chair/ottoman/shower/car).

Louie's OWN DNA & HIS OWN trace blood was found on all items he handled. Louie had a cut from an earlier injury, so he was shedding his own DNA everywhere. However, the murder weapon returned no profile. If Louie had wielded the murder weapon as would be needed to commit said crime, his DNA & trace blood from a cut on his nose would have most definitely been found.

Q: Do you know why there wasn't any found?
A: Louie never touched the murder weapon.

Furthering third party culpability, the victim #ScottTurner, had a state witness’ (#WayneDougherty) DNA under his nails. This same “witness” had blood on his shirt & inserted himself into the crime scene the morning of the murder.

Upon approaching the scene, Wayne finds the responding officer to be his high school friend. Wayne is allowed to identify Scott’s body. Is that typical of homicide investigations? Potential suspects/randoms off the street can identify bodies now? � Why did that cop think Wayne may know the man murdered? � Weird. �

Barnstable, Massachusetts' DA, Michael Trudeau, knew this factoid (that his witness’s DNA was under Scott’s nails) at trial & withheld it from defense counsel, committing the ultimate brady ; suppressing/hiding this exculpatory evidence.

Additionally, detectives conveniently “misplaced” crucial crime scene evidence as well. Yes, the white t-shirt photographed by the murder weapon (placard #17) is interestingly missing from the chain of custody report & may never have been tested for crucial evidence. Why IS that? Louie’s sneakers were swabbed but the results are missing. Louie’s sneakers were also misplaced but then rediscovered throughout the years. Why IS that?

Somehow, despite the lack of true incriminating data to support the accusation of murder, the Commonwealth managed to secure this #conviction via an jury.

Years have gone by - [15 to be exact] & there are MANY witnesses to testify, supporting major third party culpability. There is a DNA expert reviewing the reports that claim every swab is inconclusive..

This case is ripe with police, prosecutorial, &crime lab #misconduct. The jury was never told that Scott’s lover, Lisa Brundage, was murdered six weeks later by a man, Thomas Winner, who lived in Scott’s driveway with Lisa, & had threatened Scott’s life over their Scott&Lisa's illicit relationship.

#CapeCod knows well that #LouisMathews did NOT commit this #murder.

The truth never, ever changes.

This wrong must be corrected. Louis Mathews must be freed, his name cleared, & he is to be exonerated regarding ANY involvement in the untimely death of Scott Turner.

In conclusion, justice for Louie is justice for Scott Turner. Louie did not kill Scott. Scott’s murderer(s) are still yet to be identified by the Commonwealth, meaning there’s a murderer loose on the Cape. That is a fact. The only inconclusive thing about this case isn’t the DNA results, it’s the story they sold the jury.

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Disclaimer: The information contained here is a matter of public record. The items listed are not the only evidences of innocence. There are several items that have not been listed here due to the ongoing nature of the case.

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