Exonerate Innocent Man Marcellus Williams on June 5th.

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On August 22nd, just three hours before Marcellus Williams was set to be executed by lethal injection, Governor Eric Greitens of Missouri issued a stay of execution — sparing the death of an innocent man who has been sitting in jail for close to 20 years for a crime new evidence indicates he did not commit.

Since he was convicted, new DNA evidence has surfaced that shows Marcellus Williams was not the killer who viciously stabbed Lisha Gayle between 10 and 43 times in 1998. Using technology that was not available at the time of the killing, tests show that DNA found on the knife matched that of an unknown male. Williams' DNA was not found on the knife.

Stopping the Marcellus’ execution was only the first step. Now it’s clear that he is an innocent man and deserves a full exoneration. Please sign my petition.

As the clock was ticking on Williams' scheduled execution by injection, and with tremendous pressure via social media, Governor Greitens invoked a rarely used state law giving him discretion to appoint a panel of judges to gather information and report back on what will happen next. On June 5th, that board will be meeting to review the new evidence.

According to the National Registry of Exonerations, black people convicted of murder or sexual assault are significantly more likely than whites to be later found innocent. Their study also found that innocent blacks wait disproportionately longer for their names to be cleared.

With your help in signing this petition and helping spread the word on social media, Marcellus Williams has a chance to walk out a free man.