We want EXO (Korean singers) to go to the GRAMMY AWARDS

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Hello !

Me and my friends are Exo-Ls, like a lot of them we are pretty sure that Exo is really talented and deserve all the awards that they can get since they're so hardworking and always want to please their fans.
We want them to go to the Grammy Awards not just because they're our faves etc... It's because the American industry is not fair, K-pop isn't a trend like they think it is K-pop is actually big and they need to start to make it a part of their world too. A lot of K-pop artist and K-pop groups make concerts and stuff in America, they sell a lot and even beat records but just because they don't take K-pop seriously we still there, Let's be real if we are waiting for them to notice our boys it won't happen, We are not begging for attention, we are making them notice the talent that Korean have and that K-pop have. Exo deserve having a Grammy because they work hard as hell (like all K-pop artist) and beat records and made history since they debut, (1M sales in 24 days, and Quadruple Million See are not sending a rookie group we want to send "legends" to the Grammy Awards. Asian artist already made it to the Grammy so why not a K-pop group ? Why not Exo ?

We want to send them because we love them and because they deserve this award. It's not for American recognition it's for Korean Music enlightenment not just Exo. It will open so much doors and close stereotypes like K-pop just being a Trend. Exo will still be a Korean group, having an American awards won't change anything, let's try this Exo-Ls. We fully understand if you find this childish or whatever but it's our opinion so yeah...and please don't forget to share it with others Exo-Ls

We are One ! Have a good day~

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