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Exit Afghanistan: Support the Feingold-McGovern Bill for a Timetable for Withdrawal


President Obama is requesting another $33 billion for war at a time when our schools and community services are all starving for funds. What happened to bringing the troops home?

Sign the email below to your Congressional reps today to urge them to co-sponsor the McGovern/Feingold bill (HR 5015, S.3197) requiring the President to provide a plan and timetable for "the safe, orderly and expeditious redeployment of US troops from Afghanistan." This is a very moderate bill, which a wide range of legislators should be able to support. With a large number of co-sponsors, it will hopefully generate a much needed Congressional debate on ending the war.

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President of the United States
Endless war comes at an endless price. It’s time to deliver an exit strategy for our troops in Afghanistan and it’s time to stop funding war.

As your constituent, I would like you to cosponsor the McGovern/Feingold bill (HR 5015, S.3197). Rejecting an open-ended military commitment in Afghanistan, this bill tells the President that we want him to come up with an exit strategy—and that we want the details.

Last year, Cong. McGovern introduced a similar amendment to an Afghanistan war-funding bill that also called for an exit strategy. It garnered more than 100 cosponsors and received 138 votes. The House bill already has 36 cosponsors, including Republican Congressmen Walter Jones, John Duncan, and Tim Johnson. It also includes Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank and Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Bob Filner. Won't you be the next? If this bill becomes law, the war is likely to be shortened by at least a year, saving precious lives and resources.

I also urge you to vote against the $33 billion war supplemental to pay for the addition of 30,000 troops in Afghanistan. This war cannot be won militarily and with our economy in tatters, we should be putting our money into jobs, education, healthcare and other community needs here at home.

Please contact Cong. McGovern at (202) 225-6101 to cosponsor the legislation.

Support the troops. Bring them home.

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