Exhibition Place - Stop Exploiting Animals

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Exhibition Place is a sprawling, world-class parkland in downtown Toronto that is home to festivals, celebrations, competitions, shows, restaurants, and all kinds of other events and venues. It has gone through many evolutions since its beginnings, adapting and transforming as society, technology, and culture changes. It is time to transform once more, as the world wakes up to the plight of animals, and the violence they are subjected to on this planet. It's time for Exhibition Place to ban animal exploitation from the grounds. 

Exhibition Place is a publicly-owned mixed-use district, which means as taxpayers and citizens, we have a right to demand that they end unjust practices. The CNE and Exhibition Place began as a place of showcase and celebration - somewhere to build community, appreciate the talents of others, and create a sense of pride and one-ness for us Canadians. Exploiting others is nothing to be proud of. It's time to start celebrating the future of this country, and ban animal exploitation at Exhibition Place. 

We live in a society of animal lovers. We consider the non-human animals in our homes as members of our families. When we see someone hurting a dog or a cat we are outraged. We don't like seeing graphic footage from factory farms and slaughterhouses because we know it is wrong and unjust. If this kind of violence were in our nature, why would it be traumatic? Why would we want to turn away? Canadians are waking up to this reality and society is beginning to understand that animals lives are their right. Every day we see clothing companies going fur-free, cosmetics companies ending animal testing, plant-based meat companies thriving. We also see our planet crying for help, asking us to change dramatically and immediately, in order to save the Earth for our own generation. Now it's your turn to follow the tide, and shift towards sustainability and justice. 

We demand that Exhibition Place stop enabling the animal exploiting industries of this country in their attempt to normalize and humane-wash their practice. Animals' lives are their right. Using them is unjust and wrong, no matter how it's done.

Ban animal use and exploitation from Exhibition Grounds!