Let Exeter students go back to school full time!

Let Exeter students go back to school full time!

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Whether you are planning to continue with virtual learning or would like your child(ren) to return to school for full time, in-person learning, one thing is certain - you expect the Exeter Township School District School Board and Administration to make decisions that are in the best interest of ALL students. Not all students learn the same way and Exeter families deserve to have the ability to choose the learning option that is best for each individual student.  

By providing Hybrid Learning or Full Virtual Learning as our only options, Exeter Township School District (ETSD) is not providing the appropriate resources and learning environments for all students and is contradicting numbers one and two of its own published Shared Values, which are listed below.

The full Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Shared Values can be viewed at https://www.exeter.k12.pa.us/Page/8

Shared Values -

We believe that:

1. Given time, quality instruction, and access to the appropriate resources to meet individual needs, all students can learn.

Students learn in different ways and at varying rates.
Learning Requires: Appropriate resources.
A safe learning environment that encourages learning from mistakes.
Frequent feedback.
Real-Life experiences.
2. Education is a shared responsibility, dependent upon strong alliances, open communication, and collaboration among students, school personnel, parents/guardians, and the greater Exeter Community.

While many students are doing well with virtual learning, there are also many good students who are failing, and very few, if any, that are thriving under these circumstances. One example of the increase is student failures involves the ETSD Sr. High School.  There are so many students who are failing that Mr. Deane addressed the students' parents/guardians via YouTube videos rather than in person, which clearly proves that there are many students who are not being provided the appropriate resources to meet their needs and learn successfully. Another example is many parents/guardians have reported that their students are experiencing technical issues that are, in many cases, preventing them from attending live classes and/or preventing them from submitting assignments on time and causing good students to fail.   

Additionally, Shared Value number two states that education is a responsibility that should be shared by students, teachers, administration, parents/guardians, and our community.  By requesting that parents and community members send questions and comments via email to be read during the October 6th committee meeting and then shutting the question and answer period down before even one third of the questions and comments had been read, Dr. Minor has made it abundantly clear that she is not interested in working with parents/guardians or our community or hearing our opinions on the decisions she has made.

Regardless of the Department of Health's suggested guidelines, most of the surrounding school districts have opened for full, in-person learning without incident.  If you recall, in her July 31, 2020 address, Dr. Kimberly Minor stated that if surrounding school districts were successful in reopening, ETSD would use them as an example and use their knowledge and safety practices to open our schools safely. During the October 6, 2020 committee meeting, Dr. Minor used the Department of Health and PDE guidance as her reasoning for not opening our schools for full time, in-person learning.  The guidelines set forth by the PA Department of Health are just that - guidelines and recommendations, not a law or mandate.  If our surrounding districts are able to safely open for in-person learning, there is no reason ETSD should not follow suit.

We want our voices to be heard.  ETSD is failing our students and our community. We demand that parents have the choice to send our children to school for full time, in-person learning in the second marking period of the 2020-2021 school year.  


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!