I live in a disrepair council house , nothing is ever repaired no matter how many times It

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The house we live in is a disrepair issue as EXETER CITY COUNCIL have never maintained this property and never remodernised it or anything, the damp course has gone, the skirting boards have been eaten off the downstairs toilet inside the property looks like a derelict one outside (the walls wet, slimy,it’s being eaten away by like a fungus or something, the roof has broken slates, I’ve had two metal splinters off of my kitchen tap, there’s no pointing between the bricks,not much of a kitchen as I had to wait seven and a half years for two new kitchen cupboards the doorS just fell off in my hand and it was where the bleach was etc , the window ledge just fell off in my hand, the doors and windows need replacing as the draft and sound that comes in, huge big vent that comes in living room, boiler still in my bedroom, the floor is so springing as it’s rotten ( changed carpet last year and the floorboard just rotted made a big hole),the kitchen floor needs desperately replacing, the council just pulled out a sheet of asbestos without any protection under the gas meter in the house where the electric and gas meter is ( no special equipment) there was graffiti already on the house and bullet hole in the kitchen window in the kitchen and a pane of glass missing and shattered in the front door and left all jagged when I was forced to take this damp, derilict house as I bid for it and about thirteen others but obviously couldn’t see inside (I WANT THIS CHANGED ASWELL as the COUNCIL should have to show pictures of their houses inside and out , I didn’t want the house when I saw the state of it but was made to take it there is to many repairs to say but also I’ve lost quite a bit of furniture to woodworm because of this rotten house.I WANT TO BE SOLD THE PROPERTY FOR A POUND  as Weve lived here over 14 years for a pound like those up country! that were in disrepair or a choice of bidding to move to another three bed property and the move paid for, a skip paid for, replacement sheds in new home, new carpets etc and compensation as this house is so damp and effects us all . If I get sold it for a pound I can get people in to do it myself and no need to move even though I hate the main rd and want more bushes and trees planted there( another issue)To top it all they forced my older daughter into a rotten flat filled with asbestos and human excrement all in her bath and she’s vulnerable and also put her in a drug fuelled area and we are supposed to be thankful, they wouldn’t do this to us if we came here to live from somewhere else. So sell us me and my daughter our places for a pound than we can eventually do them up and move on one day . Please please sign our petition as IVE tried Robert Hannaford labour councillor and Lord Mayor I’ve written to BEN BRADSHAW hundreds of times etc etc and tried other councillors I honestly think they are a waste of time , they seriously don’t care about my family and our health it’s so unhealthy and the children can’t have friends round and neither can I and it’s degrading I’ve been told I can only move if I downsize and than I would have to pay for it etc but in two years I can bid again for three beds they are nuts it took seven and a half years to get an extra bedroom and I had four girls, if I had of had a boy in amongst it I would of had a place just like that. Labour has been running EXETER for years and they have never helped me ever as I’m born and bred here and they don’t like that. My children are growing up in poverty in this house and have been for years and the stress of it all has and is making me ill , they let me bid for some properties before but I couldn’t have them as apparently I didn’t come from that area ? What do the council say to the people they house from other countries than ? I missed out on a lot of council houses because of this , Does this apply to them ? Don’t think so else it would be racist but than can be racist to me and my children and neglectful I mean everyone is supposed to be able to have a safe and decent home ( not in this case )please help to pass and share this as I’ve had enough my health is bad because of it all and my sisters as constantly assaulted by her neighbors and she died at just 41