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Exercise your GOODWILL – Call an enemy - Be the change you wish to see

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I pledge to make a goodwill gesture to an enemy.

Goodwill: An attitude of kindness or friendliness; benevolence. Cheerful acquiescence or willingness.

What makes us think we can call for world peace if we don´t do it in our own relationships? What makes us think we can ask for reconciliation in between Israelis and Palestinians if we can´t even bring ourselves to make peace with our own personal enemies?

Let´s begin with ourselves!


We all have enemies. They can be great enemies or small enemies. Sometimes it´s just someone you don´t like, for some particular reason. Usually a stupid reason.

Raise the white flag.

Write/call someone you don´t like. It might be an enemy from school, someone you think you have a problem with at work, a neighbor who you think you can´t stand/or who you think can´t stand you – and surprise him/her with a friendly call. Invite them out to an event, to a game. Send him/her a kind word by email.

Sometimes the smallest gesture can turn a whole life of animosity into true friendship.

Let go of your pride and call that person who hurt you, who offended you. Be bold. Tell them you want to solve things. Tell them this battle is hurting the both of you. Tell them it doesn´t need to be that way.

“Man, I´m tired of this. Let´s just talk it out? What do we have to gain from this stupid battle?”

Most evils of society stem from lack of dialogue. Sometimes our silly fights and dislikes can be resolved over dinner, over school break – if we only made the effort.

Think of someone you have problems with. Analize those problems in your mind and in your heart. Are they worth the animosity? Are they worth the harm, the heartache, the stress they cause you? Or are they just bullshit you and him/her could actually deal with? 

Sometimes people are just ashamed of coming to us. Let´s give the first step.

Let´s be the change we wish to see.

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