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Executive team: Move the team call.

It's tough being a working father. My daughter, Freya, thinks that my phone is actually a biological extension of my right ear; that my macbook needs to be detached from my fingers surgically at 6:30pm on a Friday. Her little voice sounds so despondent as she hears that I'll miss her Friday bed time. Again. When Paula wants to leave on a Friday to engage in her hobby - being efficient - she cannot.

And that's just the heartbreaking tale of us northern Europeans.

Our southern friends have it even worse than we do. When Albert wants to sip an ice cold beer on a trendy Madrid terrace, it's out of reach. When Giona wants to charm the ladies in romantic Rome, he has to wait.

It's hard. But it can be better.

Exec team: you have shown repeatedly that you care. You are the top dogs, the big kahunas. Les grandes fromages.

Do the decent thing. Move the all team call.


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