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Stop the construction of Guest House at the current P.I.A. Baguio Office. LET P.I.A. STAY.

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Please, let not culture be disrespected by replacing it with a brand new cottage. Do understand that there are three reasons for this plea: (1) if reason for making PIA be relocated is because the building is already weak, then please refurbish it without making PIA office transfer permanently, (2) why make an entire office adjust for a single person with high position just for him to have an easier access to the Baguio Mansion House when in fact majority of the working class have to travel to go to their respective offices, and (3) two Cordillera Indigenous huts and a Dap-ay are present in the area with high cultural importance.

PIA Baguio has been giving quality service since 2005 in the said location. Twelve years is just too long to be underappreciated, therefore, it is only just that part of the budget be allotted to make the PIA building a better working space for the PIA employees for doing their job. Reasoning that the building is too old is not enough justification for the relocation of PIA. If you expect that telling such should make PIA and partner agencies feel that the relocation is something that would benefit them, then you got them shallowly. True concern for PIA means making the building better for PIA itself as a reward for years of excellence. It is even the least the government could do as respect to the employees rendering public service.

Why should a cottage for a single person need to occupy such a big space that the whole PIA building is needed to be removed to give way? We have deeply admired the simple living of the President which we have seen in television and social media sites. And then suddenly, an Executive Secretary would be given a place to stay near the Mansion House in expense of the whole organization of the PIA. What happened to simple living or even giving respect to other government employees who receive not-so-high compensation with time-ins and time-outs strictly recorded? Please let us not feel that the government is pro VIP and that majority low profile citizens are of less importance.

Last but not the least, please let not culture be disrespected by replacing cultural and historical heritage with a cottage. The Dap-ay alone is very valuable in our culture for it to be not considered when making decisions regarding such matters. Its importance is not just limited to its purpose as a solidarity site and a ritual area but also, it is important to reckon that it holds years of culture and history shared not only by PIA employees but also by their partner agencies, organizations, media and other members of the society.

We, a youth organization here in Baguio City, appeal that you consider this request. As members of the Baguio community, we are in one with PIA in its fight to retain their current location. We hope that you consider other sites in the City to build the cottage for the Executive Secretary.

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