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Justice for Emerging Cleveland Strangler Unknown Survivor

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The Lure to Death

"Women raped and beaten up inside an empty house." - The Plain Dealer, June 19, 2006. Sadly the case was "suspended" just 4-months later. Tragically, eight months after that, Anthony Sowell, aka Cleveland Strangler began his now infamous 11-Women of Imperial Avenue killing spree from 2007-2009.

"Ms. Crutcher provided a sketch of her assailant, which ran in the June 30, Plain Dealer. In hindsight, it looks much like Sowell."- Nobody's Women: Crimes and Victims of Anthony Sowell, the Cleveland Serial Killer- Steve Miller

Justice vs. Obstruction

The truth is Vernice Crutcher, handed to CPD Sex Crimes Unit and the press via a forensic sketch, the then-nameless emerging Cleveland Strangler, in June 2006. Fact is, September 7, 2005, nine-months earlier, Mr. Sowell became a registered sex-offender. If Ms. Crutcher was shown his photograph, leading to his arrest, the 11-Women of Imperial Avenue tragedy might have never occurred. Now conflict of interest, bias, indifference, and politics, obstruct her justice and closure. 

The Emerging Cleveland Strangler Cold Case Breakthrough!

Ms. Crutcher's gray watch and ring were discovered in a coroner's photograph of the 11-Women of Imperial Avenue victims array of jewelry.

(Mr. Prosecutor, no one-size-justice-fits-all. The law:  "due process and equal protection under the law." Crutcher v Sowell NOW!)

The Call to Action

Proponents of victim's rights, advocates for survivors of sexual assaults, supporters of civil rights and everyone, are asked to please sign this petition. 

Full Disclosure

Vernice Crutcher is my ex-lover. I am an investigative author relentlessly pursuing justice and closure for her. I seek to "change" the narrative as to how this horrific attempted-murder attack happened to her. 


Expose civic and law enforcement failures that served as the catalyst that enabled the Cleveland Strangler. Failure to comply with "Megan's Law," requiring state and local authorities to issue a "community notification," when a registered sex offender moves into a neighborhood. Also, a non-thorough investigation of her case resulted in the now infamous 11-Women of Imperial Avenue.  

Updates and a FREE Ebook on this true crime memoir and legal thriller can be downloaded at -My Sister's Keeper: The Cleveland Serial Killer Untold Story.

Thank YOU!

YOU could have spent your precious time elsewhere. THANK YOU in advance for reading and signing this petition! God bless!

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