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University of South Wales: Protect Our Lifeline!

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On Tuesday 2nd May 2017 after being urged by the Students' Union for several weeks, the University of South Wales Directorate finally unveiled its disastrous plans to the University of South Wales students. 

One such change, within the Disability & Dyslexia Service, is a "smaller pool of full-time, permanent staff". This means that staff members which students have built a working relationship with may soon be gone. It also means less choice of staff for the students to meet with to discuss potentially sensitive issues. Current staff will also have to fight for their roles.

Another change is with the Mental Health Well-being and Counselling Service. This "rebalance" means outsourcing the counselling services currently offered partially by the University of South Wales. Again, any relationship which a student has built with an in-house counsellor may soon be gone. It also does not guarantee that the student will see the same counsellor repeatedly like before. This breaks a special relationship which students have with their counsellor, who can be the difference between them successfully completing their studies or end up dropping out.

Not only do these changes make the University of South Wales less lucrative to a prospective student, they potentially endanger the well-being of current students at the University.


As a result, we, the undersigned, respectfully urge the University of South Wales to repeal any and all consultations which directly affect the provision of these crucial services to students.

Any and all future consultations of this nature which will directly affect the safeguarding and well-being of students MUST undergo a lengthy analysis and have FULL approval of the Students, the Students Union and representative external bodies.

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