Stop the building of an illegal commune at 50 4th Avenue (Erf 359), Melville

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Andreas Gerdes
Andreas Gerdes signed this petition

Dear Executive Mayor,

We are watching a commune being built in our community without:

-approved plans
-approved rights
-approved commune status
-heritage approval (to be confirmed, but possibly falls under heritage act)

We raised this on the 12th of June 2018 with the town planning department and they have subsequently indicated that the issue is currently with the legal department but we have seen no traction and construction has been accelerated.

The residents in our community expected the DA administration to enforce the city's laws, bylaws and regulations and now we are seeing on the ground, something that clearly supports that this is not happening; as we watch, brick after brick, walls being raised.

We are appealing to you, because we cannot stop them ourselves and rely on you as the mayor of this city and this administration, to step in and stop infringement, by owners who are not respecting our community's rights or the city's laws.