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Clamp Down on illegal businesses in Melville

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Dear Herman Mashaba, Executive Mayor of Johannesburg,

I am asking you to take our concerns seriously. Our quality of sleep, health and safety are impacted negatively by businesses that are operating illegally in our suburb and we would like you to bring down the full might of the city’s resources and to set right the land use contraventions, bylaw infringements and the lack of valid liquor licenses at various establishments.

As the homeowners, residents and users of Melville, we love our suburb in all its vibrancy, however our suburb’s appeal is at risk if more and more establishments open illegally and ruin the balance in an amazing mixed use suburb.

Ballerz Night Club*, for example is a continuous nuisance in that it:

  1. Creates offending noise pollution in a residential area when residents are trying to sleep.
  2. Possibly facilitates or encourages its patrons to engage in street racing (possibly while intoxicated) down Main Road and side roads, posing a risk to pedestrians using the area at night
  3. Does not control its patrons and their drinking by allowing them to drink and behave in a drunken manner on the sidewalk and around the public spaces around the establishment that further contributes to the noise pollution from the sidewalk.

In respect of the legality of the establishment it contravenes the following laws, bylaws or town planning scheme: 

  1. A zoning contravention by not having the appropriate consent use for a "place of amusement/entertainment"
  2. The incorrect liquor license as a pub and not as a club.
  3. The liquor license has not been transferred and therefore is not valid and is still in the name of “Catz Pyjamas” (previous restaurant operating from the same premises).
  4. By continuously being in contravention of the bylaws in respect of the nuisance created by the noise which occurs on weeknights and weekends until well past 02h00 in the morning.
  5. It is operating in contravention of a court order served on the owner of the premises.

 Another example where a contravention notice has been issued, yet the establishment is still conducting its illegal use is NCW.*

NCW is trading without having the correct zoning for a restaurant; a contravention notice has been issued on this property.

We are asking you to please prioritise these matters and enforce the bylaws, land use planning scheme as well as help force businesses to have valid liquor licenses.

Kind Regards,

The undersigned.

*These may not be the only businesses operating from properties that have been issued contravention notices in Melville.

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