Opposition against new rules concerning Internal Assessments

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Mr. G.D. Manoj, 

We the students of Sapthagiri College of Engineering hereby express our grievances concerning the latest amendments made to the format of the Internal Assessments . Here are the aforementioned amendments:

1. The IA's will hereafter be conducted for 50 marks (instead of the 25 marks mandated by the VTU for non-CBCS curriculum and 15 marks for the CBCS curriculum).

2. The time limit has been set to 1.5 hours for each test, rather than the logical 2 hours.

3. The syllabus for each round of assessments has been made cumulative, i.e., the syllabus for the  2nd  IA includes  the syllabus for the 1st IA, and the syllabus for the 3rd IA includes the syllabus for both the 1st and 2nd IA’s.

These mandates have been issued by the Principal on the pretext of “improving the standards of education”. However, we believe these changes are not in our best interests.

First, according to VTU norms the IA’s need only be conducted for 15 marks and supplemented by marks for assignments (for CBCS students) and 25 marks for non-CBCS students. Up until now, the IA’s have been conducted for 25 marks and later condensed to 15 marks, which is reasonable. Also, the stipulated time for each test so far has been 1 hour. According to the new regulations IA’s need to be conducted for 50 marks and for a duration of 1.5 hours each. Logically this does not make sense because if 1 hour is a reasonable duration to answer questions worth 25 marks it should follow that the duration for a 50 mark test should be 2 hours.

Second, the syllabus for IA’s has been made cumulative. This is especially disadvantageous to those classes following the CBCS curriculum considering the vast amount of information we are expected to learn. While students of non-CBCS scheme have only had to study 8 units per semester, we need to study 5 modules, each comprising an average of 3 units. Therefore, conducting tests with cumulative syllabus is not a reasonable proposition, especially considering the unfair time limit imposed on each test. Furthermore, we are expected to take two tests in a day for three consecutive days for each round of IA’s. As it may very well be clear to you there is not enough time to adequately prepare for these tests.

This revised system would also add an unnecessary burden on the faculty seeing as they not only have to finish the syllabus on time and prepare question papers but also spend an inordinate amount of time in correcting the answer scripts.

As students, the following would be our suggestions should the principal be intent on “improving the standards of education”:

1.    Make qualitative changes while preparing question papers rather than quantitative changes.

2.    Improve the quality of teaching by hiring more competent as well as appropriate teachers for each subject.

We would also like to add that despite making our concerns clear during the class committee meeting convened a few days ago the Principal was unreceptive and absolutely refused to consider any changes to his mandates. We hope that we have made a clear case for our opposition. We refuse to tolerate such arbitrary amendments, seemingly made without much deliberation and with no regard whatsoever for the students and teachers. As a result, we have made a unanimous decision to organize a protest at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, the 15th of March in the amphitheater. We demand a rollback of these measures and request your intervention in the matter.


Students of Sapthagiri College of Engineering



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