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Release Treasure (A0928715) to Rescue

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Treasure is pregnant - very pregnant, with at least 9 puppies. Treasure is so swollen she's in discomfort and she's about to give birth at any moment.

Yesterday, the rescue coordinators at NYCACC sent out a plea for Treasure hoping that a rescue would step up and save her and her puppies - and the rescue community responded, with several organizations stepping up to take her in. Today NYCACC announced a change - they would still release Treasure to rescue, but only after what is sometimes euphemistically called a "late spay" - a spay and an abortion, an abortion of puppies that would be viable if they were born right now, today. A spay this late in pregnancy is a risky operation - the pups will definitely die, but there is also significant risk to the life of the mother. Treasure's spay/abort procedure is currently scheduled for Tuesday, April 17.

More than that, these puppies have a place to go. Puppies are in high demand; a rescue willing to care for them until they are old enough for adoption should have no problem at all adopting them. There is no question that an abortion at this point in Treasure's pregnancy is wrong; killing puppies that are quite literally about to be born is indefensible. Please release Treasure and her puppies to a rescue that has made a commitment to her care.


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