Conserve Water by Reusing Rainwater

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We, the undersigned citizens of Greater Montreal, Quebec, Canada, petition to the Executive Committee of Montreal to submit the following proposal to combat water scarcity in order to preserve the abundance of water throughout Quebec, and the collective ecological footprint. One of the ways this can be done is by implementing rainwater harvesting in Greater Montreal, for the flushing of toilets.

The reuse of rainwater for flushing toilets has the potential to save an abundance of water. Broadly, reusing rainwater encourages a lessened ecological footprint - ultimately avoiding negative environmental impacts including: water shortages, flooding, water pollution, and most notably climate change. Not only does rainwater harvesting impact those personally implementing it into their homes or buildings, the community as a whole has the potential to benefit. Due to the lessened demand for water, a decline in potential water shortages, floods, and contamination are likely, as well as several other benefits. By choosing to reuse rainwater for the flushing of toilets you are contributing to the greater good of not only the community, but undeniably making a difference in the sustainability of water in Quebec and potentially worldwide.

Among Greater Montreal, several public buildings have already implemented the reuse of rainwater for flushing toilets. For example, at John Abbott College, rainwater is being harvested and reused in the Anne Marie Edwards building for flushing the toilets.

I would like to take the opportunity to strongly encourage the Executive Committee to consider the rapidly increasing demand for water, and the value pride we collectively hold Quebec’s water sources. By implementing rainwater harvesting for the flushing of toilets whenever it is possible, specifically when new buildings are being constructed, we are ultimately making efforts to protect and conserve Quebec’s prosperity. The process of collecting rainwater is not a complicated technology and is easily achieved by simply collecting, filtering, and storing the water. Once this process is complete harvested rainwater can be used throughout Greater Montreal to flush toilets in a more sustainable way than ever before.

Rainwater harvesting is highly recommended, and if implemented can have a plethora of benefits pertaining to water conservation, including the potential to save up to as much as 50% of water.